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Driving music, powerful vocals, and unforgettable hooks of The Haunted North merged in the band’s debut release, Monster. Randy V. and Canadian guitarist Sean Francis, along with ‘JD’ DeServio and Jeff Fabb (Black Label Society), created crushing groove rock as fresh as it is familiar.

Monster has the impact of a steamroller… straightforward, raw, with no pretense. It incites a marching sensation you’re compelled to give in to. The memorials, “Body & Soul” and “Without a Dawn” correspond solidly with the project’s brand; moving and moody.


The opening track (Mojave Moon) originated from hallucinations induced by hours of blistering heat as Randy rode his motorcycle across the Mojave Desert in the middle of July. The other songs, seething with an attitude about determining one’s fate, challenging religious dogma, battling with codependency, and deciding how one lives and dies… are all in your face and undeniable.

Randy and Sean.jpg
Sean & Randy
TheHauntedNorth Photo.png
Jeff, Randy, JD & Sean

The THN single "Body & Soul" came about because of a fated meeting between Randy and the mother of Layne Staley (Alice In Chains). Her story inspired Randy to write tribute lyrics. Shortly after that, he and guitarist Sean Francis met at a Black Label Society concert in Seattle. Randy mentioned he was looking for music and the two were off and running.

In 2017, Sean asked bassist ‘JD’ DeServio and drummer Jeff Fabb to lay down tracks for Monster. They agreed and the pair began writing in February of 2017. Sean sums up the project, “The winds of fate were working their magic when a small-town Canadian kid and an American badass singer happened to be at the same place, at the same time, with the same ideas and work ethics, and wanting the same things to happen. It was a perfect storm.” 

2016 Grammy nominee Justin Shturz (Shinedown & Slipknot) put the final mastering touches on Monster and world-class illustrator Rob Prior created the cover, making this product polished and ready for immediate distribution.  

The honesty of THN’s overall concept “to simply be” is clearly heard on Monster and Randy relates, “We don’t need to prove ourselves to anyone. These songs are raw, honest, hard-hitting, and undeniably relevant. Sean has written some truly great riffs and it’s been an honor working with JD and Jeff. They are true pros and exceptional players.”

The Haunted North stands out because, in a world where it’s all been done before, these men maintain their identities. That rare, pure authenticity is at the heart of their music.

Marty Rubin.JPG
Marty Rubin
Andrew Aubut.JPG
Andrew Aubut

Driving with the raw energy of classic hard rock, The Haunted North pour their souls into creating authentic, original, and intense rock anthems, and paving the way for a brand new era of indie.


Bringing together the talent and passion of front-man Randy V. and lead guitarist Sean Francis  2019 sees the band welcome in a fresh set of ears and equally impressive musicianship, with newly joining merciless bass-player Marty Rubin, and vicious drummer Andrew Aubut each being welcomed into the brotherhood.


Already boasting a plethora of original releases to their name, The Haunted North is a quartet born and bred to keep true metal alive and kicking in the new decade. Their stunning album Monster’ pours through with every bit of intensity, poetic angst, and musical brilliance, as any of the great power metal releases of a simpler time. The same is true of the riff-heavy boldness and weight of its follow-up - the deeply provocative New album "Songs of the Dead" slated 20/21


On top of quality songwriting and compelling storytelling, the band’s EP 'LiT' (Live in Toledo) openly showcases the unquestionable fact that this is an act with absolutely nothing to hide. Their live shows are as intense and memorable as their music, and a great deal more immersive. The energy and skill they deliver make for an unmissable show that well and truly deserves its place within the modern rock world.


Releasing music under White Choker Publishing LLC, with a brand new single, 21 Grams, currently making waves across the web – The Haunted North are rightfully on track to hit the new music scene with power, precision, and absolute passion.


While this is far from the beginning of their journey, it’s undoubtedly the start of an epic new chapter. 

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